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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Julie and Julia

I know...old movie. Old subject.

But for some reason, I've been stuck on it. Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses. Although I wish she'd pick a genre and stick for awhile so she can really make a name for herself (probably what all my readers think about me--vampires, prairie, chicklit, suspense--nail it down Tracey!)

Anyway, so she (the character, Julie) talks about having ADD--and her husband says, "You have ADD?"
"Yes, that's why I'm so bad at housework" LOL--true, true. I've recently come to understand myself better since I was diagnosed with ADD myself. Wow what a revelation. Seriously, folks. Read the list of symptoms and if that's you--get help. I'm doing medication and some behavior therapy--which leads me to the next point.
Every day. 365 days over 500 recipes and some of them really gross like the beef molds EW. Day in and day out she worked all day at a regular job, took public transportation home, and then started to cook, eating by 10 pm at night and getting up at 5:30 each morning. THAT is determined effort. BIG for anyone, but for someone with ADD--godlike ability. Truly.

But boy did it pay off. God is like that though. He gives us glimpses of ideas. "I could write a blog. I could cook from Julia Child's cookbook and blog about it." Every day. When it rains, when Idol is on TV when I'm sick. It's our choice to believe in that dream or shrug it off as a crazy idea that could NEVER really pan out.

Become what you believe. (Not just new age mumbo jumbo--it's in the Bible)

Last night, watching the movie to fall asleep I thought about what Oprah said on her Masterclass. She doesn't believe in "luck" it's all part of a plan. But if there's a definition for "luck" (we would probably call it promotion in our religious circles) It's this "Preparation meets opportunity."

Stop and think about that for a second. PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY.

I tell my kids God isn't going to open a door you aren't ready to go through. Start moving. Prepare. Start working toward the thing you most want to do or be.

For me that means write every day. I keep thinking about what it will take to get to where I want to go as a writer. For some who are still waiting to be published, where I am seems like the dream. 40 books published by paying publishers, 1 million books in print. Still there's a piece of me that is still waiting to find my writing self. Something inside that knows I'm not seeing the vision quite clearly. The purpose of it all.

So here I am, eleven years after I supposedly "made it" re-evaluating my goals and dreams and assessing if I'm truly willing to give what it takes to go there. "There" finally not the elusive, undefined dream. But a solid goal I could reach for--if I'm willing to pay the price to reach it.

I won't tell you my conclusion. If you're'll know, either way.


Laurie Bennett said...

Your blog post makes me think of the book, Principle of the Path...

Go girl go.

Tracey Bateman said...

Laurie, Thank you for commenting on my blog! I know people are reading from the hits I get the first three days after a blog posts, but NO ONE ever comments. So weird. LOL
I'll hae to look up that book. Good to see you :)D

P.J.R said...

Tracey when I hit 50 I decided that never agin would a person tell me I was not worth being here on this earth.I decided that the toxic people related or not would either shape up or ship out.I started having a voice and stood up for what I thought was right and also against what I deemed wrong.I have a relative who constantly swears and makes racial comments-I said not in my house and not around me please.They decided not to visit anymore.Well ye haw problem solved.I also decided to value my art a bit more than I had and my skills with a needle.I stopped giving stuff away and started charging for it to help our family out when my husband lost his job due to downsizing.I found out I am worth more than I thought.I blog about both and really do think if pushed a bit more I could do it on a bigger scale.I guess when you are 50 you look at it as your life is half over and you best make a better effort to use what God has blessed you with in the next 50.If I knew then what I know now I would have made the effort at 20..ahhh what ifs and should have..LOL

CowtownCrafter said...

I love this movie! My given name is Julia but my family calls me Julie...My mom wanted JuliE but because my dad's mom wanted JuliA as my name my dad went behind my mom's back to the nurse after I was born and changed the vowel ;) So I related well to this movie and funny thing was I found my personallity was a combo of both of these ladies in the

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