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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The King's Seal

The two women I least like to hear sermons about are Esther and the Proverbs 31 woman. Probably because they’re usually taught by men who have no clue into a woman’s heart or by women who approach these two women based on what they’ve been taught by men. Not that I am anti-man or believe a man can’t have a revelation about Esther or the Proverbs 31 woman. But my experience has been that they’re taught to make us better wives. It feels manipulative to me. And I don’t like being manipulated in the name of Jesus.

I heard a minister say once from the pulpit (his VALENTINE’S DAY message!!) “Women, if your husband is looking at other women, maybe you should make yourself look better for him.” Really? That hacked me off. And still does. I think we should definitely care about appearance and there are times when I dress specifically for my husband, but if he looks at other women (and he doesn’t), that’s a heart issue between him and God that has nothing to do with my looks. I mean gee whiz, beautiful women are cheated on all the time. Can I hear an amen? ☺

Rusty and I have a very comfortable and equal relationship. And yes, we have our issues, even separated for a month last summer—but that was my stupid head and I figured that out pretty fast. You’re probably thinking I could use a good teaching on the Proverbs 31 woman about now! But we’ve evolved as a couple in the last twenty-three years, and have a marriage that works for us. We’re both very independent and have our own goals and dreams. He’s never threatened by me and I’m not threatened by him. The best times of my life are when we’re together laughing and talking. I can go to him when I have a problem and he usually gives me good advice. He doesn’t tell me I’m to submit and I don’t tell him to love me like Christ loves the church. Mainly because, when it matters, I submit, and he’s loved me like Christ loves the church since the day we met and he decided I was his. (smile)

So, this morning when I felt the urge to read in Esther, I groaned a little inside. Luckily, what God showed me had nothing to do with oiling up and going to Rusty’s bed-not that I’m opposed to that—or fasting for three days to gain his favor. God led me to Esther 8—after the plot against the Jews had been revealed and brave Esther went before the King again to plead for their lives.

And this is what stood out to me: The King held out his scepter and granted her petition. But then, he told Mordecai to write up a decree and place the King’s seal on it. He said, “but remember, the words of the King, sealed by his seal are irrevocable.”

I lay on my couch reading that over and over and thinking about what that means to me as a Daughter of the King. The Word (even Esther and Proverbs 31) and how powerful it is because it has the King’s seal. The Words He’s spoken into my life over the years. Dreams He’s given me that I let go. All those things, irrevocable, sealed by my King. Decreed by God, imprinted on my heart.

The Jews were given the right to annihilate any enemy that tried to harm them and to take their property. And I thought about how we’re told that we have power to walk over all the power of the enemy and God will restore what the enemy has stolen. His Word, sealed and irrevocable.

I started thinking about the scriptures that have spoken to me the most. Psalm 139—his thoughts toward me are precious and too many to count. Sealed. Jer 29:11. He has good plans for my success. A future and a hope. Sealed. Irrevocable. Ps. 23 He leads me beside still waters and restores my soul. Sealed. Irrevocable. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Sealed. Irrevocable.

And so many more.

So today, as I am still ruminating on the past weekend at the Women’s conference and Sunday morning at church, as I reflect on nearing the end of my 40 day commitment to keep all my commitments, I’m pretty high on God’ promises—all that are yes and amen.

He’s bringing clarity to many of my questions just by way of approaching His word as a royal decree, sealed with his blood and irrevocable. I think I’m being given a challenge—God knows I take those seriously—to read His word and take it personally. As a decree, that He has sealed forever.

So I accept that challenge, God,—and I might even get around to Proverbs 31 eventually—I’m going to read the Bible with the thought that everything God allowed to be written is sealed, irrevocable. True.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Anyone want to join me?

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