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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye bye, 2010. WELCOME 2011

Welcome 2011

Boy am I ready for it! 2010 was supposed to be the year I finally ran my half-marathon, finally lost the last 50lbs (gained 20), finally got on the best seller list again. LOL! Not so much.

But it hasn't been bad. I think at the beginning of 2010 when everyone was talking about change this and God is saying change that, I heard God saying, "Stay the course" for me personally, and so I once again went against the flow and stayed the course. I know I need to change. :) The above mentioned 20lb weight gain is evidence, but with Rusty gone in Kuwait all year and my daughter spreading her wings, my son getting his license, other son playing sports, other son embarking upon a career in fitness, I needed to stay steady in my own walk. There were too many changes in my world. And so as much as I love the comfort of status quo, I stayed home, wrote, read, cleaned house, cooked and tried very hard to just keep things together.

So CHANGE....I think this year is looking like it's gearing up to be a year of change. Rusty came home to no job. That's different. :) Financially, the book biz isn't doing so well for midlisters like me. So that's another change. I don't know where we'll be this time next year. But times they are a changing (thank you very much Bob Dylan) I better start swimming or I'll sink like a stone!!

Good things are coming this year. Another book under the pen name Tracey Cross: Love Finds you in Dodge City, Kansas. Fun historical romances. Another paranormal book coming from Waterbrook. A "ghost story" tentatively titled "Are You There?"

I've also deactivated my Facebook account for now. I have no control over my FB impulses, so my 1500 friends will have to do without my quippy updates about the kids, excessive whining, occasional inspiration and of course delicious cooking updates (which would have to go anyway if I'm to lose the 50lbs plus the new 20 :) ).

So I'll leave you here. Hoping to blog more regularly since Facebook updates have to go and I truly do need to be connected to readers.

God Bless you in 2011.
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