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Friday, April 20, 2012

Faith Friday: Josh

The first time I noticed Josh, he was a Freshman in high school and played keyboard for the fledgling youth band at church. Today, he’s an adult, almost through college, and co-leads worship for the adult services as well as leading for the now-incredible youth band. He’s real and loves Jesus. I think you’re going to like him.

Josh, recently, I read an article about young men in today’s society—from 18 to well in their 30s, who choose to live at home with parents, not pay rent, and spend their days playing video games and texting. Why do you think that’s the perception of your generation’s guys?

J: I think this is the perception of my generation's guys simply because everyone is following someone and that someone that most are following, well, you know... We are all thirsty, some people just choose to drink from the toilet. All of this comes down to responsibility. Young men in my generation have the perception that responsibility is too hard. Unfortunately, the society that we live makes it too easy for these young people to stay relationally immature.

Why have you chosen to set yourself apart?

J: I do not necessarily see myself as being set apart but rather that I am diligently pursuing a lifestyle that makes the most sense.

What are you doing—or plan to do—to influence the world outside of your sphere?

J: I am much less concerned with influencing the world outside my sphere than those who are in it. I am more concerned with building strong relationships with the people around me and being able to communicate beliefs and ideals by what people see me doing. I am a big advocate for setting priorities in life and making sure that those priorities stay in the correct order. I believe that the most important thing that I have to give anyone else is my time.

You’re about through with college, got any plans?

J: My plans for after college are still to be determined. I am a simple guy. I plan on marrying the one I love and choosing a vocation that will provide for whatever this life has in store for my spouse and I.

Who has influenced you the most in terms of building your relationship with Jesus? Got any mentors?

I do enjoy the teachings of one pastor in particular. I will not be a "name dropper" so I will not tell who it is but rather how his teaching has influenced me. I was first introduced to this pastor when I was a freshman in college. His teaching has helped to push me in the direction of developing an identity for myself in the two major roles that I will fill in my life as husband and father. He has taught me that being able to shave does not automatically make me a man and he has taught me the importance of being a provider and accepting the responsibility that comes with exchanging a short-term perspective with an eternal one.

Great, thought-provoking and inspiring answers.

Much thanks to Josh for being my new Faith Friday guinea pig. He's one of many in his generation walking out his belief system and making more of a difference than he probably knows, just by being himself. He makes me want to do life with Jesus better.

And I like that about him...

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