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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Morning After

A couple weeks ago my agent, Karen, told me I must start blogging again. Normally I don't enjoy bossy people, but my sweet friend, Karen is RIGHT. I am so inconsistent. My friend Larry is in the process of editing his book called 40 Days With the Devil (see his fantastic blog, and he encourages his readers to take 40 days for real change. Helping him with this book has actually changed my life! But I've decided to apply the principles to getting consistent with blogging so for the next 40 (weekdays) I am going to blog. Even if it's something stupid.

Day One:

Yesterday was a BIG day for me. I love election day, the process of rising, cooking a special breakfast, teaching the kids how important it is--this freedom our soldiers have fought and died for over the course of our country's 236 years.

Went with my eighteen-year-old son, Stevan, as he cast his first ever ballot! It matters. Three of my kids are now registered voters. I don't tell them how to vote (not that it would do me any good--they're all pretty much independent thinkers), I mainly care only THAT they vote. It's their hard-won right.

I made fattening, carb-loaded food fit for a holiday, and we waited. And waited. By eight o'clock central time, I had a feeling the president would be re-elected. My mood shifted from celebration to resignation.

But then, guess what happened? Morning came. God didn't fall off his throne, my puppy is still having puppies, Will still went to school (despite his best efforts to stay home and "comfort me"--which loosely translated means, "how about you just get over it, while I play my video game?), I still have an edit to do and Jesus still loves America and all its people, even the Democrats (smile).

Lots of emotions milling around in America today. Anger, elation, sadness, joy, fear, hope. Depends on your affiliation. I doubt there's a lot of apathy going on. At least not from those who weren't already apathetic.

I hope and pray our nation will come together, One Nation Under God. If we truly, truly believe that every, single word of the Bible is true and not just Mark 11:23-24, then we MUST believe that God had a hand in this election, regardless the outcome. Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. Rom. 13:1 NLT Vs two is even more sobering. It says if you rebel against the authority you're rebelling against God and what he instituted.

I'm not a bible scholar. But I do believe the Word of God. I believe in our country, and even though I do not agree with many of the policies of our current administration and I mourn for the life of the unborn, President Obama is in my prayers.

God bless this nation

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