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Friday, April 26, 2013

What Would Jesus Blog?

I think if Jesus were alive today he’d have a blog and Wordpress (because He would use Wordpress as Michael Hyatt says it's the best blog site to use) would likely go down every day due to overload as he’d have more followers than Justin Beiber. Mary Magdeline would probably edit it for Him and the disciples would most likely “share” it on their Facebook pages. And all the Pharisees would take it personally and might even crucify Him for the words he wrote. But I think more than all the things he might tell us brought tears to his Father’s eyes, he would tell us how much we are loved. How strength comes from weakness, honesty breaks up pride, and maybe even how He never meant for us to hurt one another in His name.

One of my mentors has told me several times that I have to use my words carefully because I have influence when I write Facebook and Twitter posts, Blogging. Jesus gave me my gift to be a GOOD influence, she says—with a straight face. Personally, I’ve always laughed when she says this as I have about 100 readers and none of them think I have an ounce of brains. They know I’m almost always kidding around or making long, elaborate posts that eventually point to why I was wrong to think that way in the first place. I can start a blog post having one position on the topic and talk myself out of my original thought by the time I finish the blog. It’s the way I work out my issues and thoughts and also proof that I'm way too easily influenced--even by myself.

But, here’s the thing: Writing is a type of cathartic self-indulgence that pulls out what we are thinking in a way that makes sense to us as writers. That’s why most writers journal—well, until we start writing for a living, then we no longer have time to journal, we mainly just watch TV to distract ourselves from the fact that we should be writing.

All the greats (Ray Bradbury, William Zinsser, Robert McKee, Stephen King, James Scott Bell) say you must write every day if you’re a writer. Just vomit the words onto the page and go back later to clean up the mess. I think that’s the problem with working out your thoughts and feelings into a blog, or twitter, or Facebook. The self-indulgent spewing just goes out there for people to read, get offended, and break relationships and there’s no way to go back and clean it up (well, there is, but it’s unlikely we will). ☺ It’s also a great way to find out who really gets you, as if you didn’t already know. It would be much better to stick with the kind of writing that keeps you out of the fray. Like Amish novels or cookbooks.

The other day I was reading some facebook posts, and thought, “Wars could be started this way and I could start them.” I read two facebook posts that ticked me off a little on two back-to-back days and also made me want to punch out words of dissent on my own page. One from a teenager who had an accident a few months ago. He’s been praying for healing—and I truly believe God wants him healed. He wants this kid to play his sport of choice and rise to the greatness that he’s obviously already showing. The thing was. The kid said, “I have to do my part if God’s going to do his.” And this is what I wanted to put on my own wall “Why are we teaching our kids if they're good, God will reward them, but if they're bad, they won't get healed? Is righteousness a bargaining chip to get what we want?”

Seriously. I think if this boy just loves Jesus very much, works hard in rehab, and learns that grace is not merit based, God will give him this desire. And if He doesn’t, then loving Jesus very much will make it okay that he misses one season. Without relationship, when it’s all about working it out and forcing faith and trying to be good, then disappointment leads to bitterness and rebellion. I’m praying very, very hard that he gets to play.

The other FB post talked of praying for someone with “undeserved grace”. It was a pretty audacious statement—and a little asinine I thought. And then I thought about how asinine I can be and also maybe that particular FB-er was just having a bad day and didn’t really believe that there could ever be someone out there so horrible that Jesus stamped "No-Grace-For-You" on their forehead. I also thought, If they don't deserve grace, why waste your energy praying for them. It's pointless. Like praying for the devil to get saved. SHRUG.

I like social media in general. It’s such a great way to interact with all sorts of people you’d never know otherwise—which is why I think Jesus would have a blog and be on Twitter and Facebook. I’m not sure about Pinterest as I have never been able to figure that one out and I always think Jesus only likes the things I like—like The Walking Dead and Cajun food.

So, I decided today, I’m going to try to be more careful. WWJB (What would Jesus Blog?) In my honesty, I’ll try hard not to be too asinine (can’t promise I won’t be just a little), keep my sarcasm to a minimum, try not to offend the majority of people and more than anything really care if I’m using my words as a weapon or oil.

Let me know how I’m doing…I can take it.

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