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Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying to be relevant

I've been trying to blog every day this week, but then I realized my week sucked so bad it would be nothing more than a narcissistic whine fest, so I blew it off until I could say something relevant that might actually be something anyone would want to read.

Good news is that I am plumbing-trouble-free for the moment. More good news is that my husband is going to build me a cubicle to put around my desk. Last night I specified it has to close off the right side of my peripheral because for some reason I am most distracted by things on my right side. I was diagnosed ADD a few months ago and am really trying to work through it so these deadlines aren't such a problem.

I can't blog without mentioning a heavy heart for Egypt and the middle east right now. I am mulling over a lot of questions. What does all this say about the impending return of Jesus and what are the immediate ramifications for Israel if the leadership falls? I'm praying that God's magnificent hand will uproot, tear down, and build up as He sees fit.

My read for the week is Radical by David Platt. Get this book. It will yank you from apathy and give you a heart for the underground church.

Until next time.
God Bless you as you live, move, and have your being in Him

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