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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Young Again

My husband, Rusty, is a supplement guru. He knows things that normal folk just don't know. Things that fitness industry folks don't know. He was kettle-belling when Kettle bells weren't cool. He's always ahead of the fitness curve and I've stopped rolling my eyes at the new stuff he comes up with because a few months or a year later, he always has the ammo to say "Told ya."

From time to time, this man God gave me who loves me way more than I deserve says something profound from his enormous brain, filled with all of that information that I typically ask him not to reveal to me.

The latest was really my own fault. I asked the question.
"Now, what time of day do we take L-glycine and why?"

After minutes of the unabridged edition, where I admit I spaced off more than I actually listened to, I waited for him to come up for air then I broke down the original question..."In one sentence, tell me why we need it."

His answer, "Honey, I've been telling you....It keeps you young."

OH....Like Oil of Olay...gotcha. Gimme some of that. And with a bit of trembling, " to the the first part of the question...what time of day?"
"Just take it on an empty stomach."

WHEW. So, it keeps me young....(the empty stomach part could be a problem...)

So here's the point of that lengthy opening. :)

I've been reading tidbits daily from Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water this year. It's Oh-so-good. So full of faith and childlike coming to God just to believe and trust with wide-eyed innocence and purity. I love that. In theory.

As I have asked God to show me my heart in 2011, I've seen some stoniness I don't like. Some cynicism that separates me from people I absolutely love and admire and yet inwardly scoff at.

FOR SHAME, the Lord convicts me. I think back to the beginning when I approached the gospels, the writings of Paul, the first ten chapters of Revelations with eyes wide open and heart beating wildly with awe at the words of God written through the hands of ordinary men like me. I've been reading the gospels. Jesus at his most human, most vulnerable.

My darling 19-year-old son is fasting caffeine for three weeks. Last night God gave him a song called "Trail of Blood." I cry thinking of some of the lyrics he wrote from his tender and child-like heart.

The basics of our faith. The road to Gethsemane, a trail of our savior's blood.

Dropping like Hansel's crumbs to lead the way home. (my words, not his lyrics)

Sometimes we know too much and believe too little.
I'm a simple girl. I need to keep things broken down to their simplest form.
Glycine keeps you young. Jesus died for your sins. Love your neighbor as yourself. Come to Jesus as a little child.

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