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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing and Dieting and honeymoons

From Maeve Binchy (the fabulous Irish author) "Writing is a bit like going on a diet, you should either tell everyone, or no one.

If you tell everyone, then you can never be seen feeding your face in public without appearing weak willed. Or you can go the other route and tell no one--hug your secret to yourself. Get thin by stealth, write the book, then burst onto an unsuspecting world with your new shape or finished manuscript.

But whichever way you do it, you will need discipline and a plan."

January is one of those months for writing and dieting. People plan the calorie crunching--I wonder how many are still on those diets... I actually started mine half way through the month instead of January 2, so I'm still good. :)

New projects, writing, painting, house projects. It's easy to start fresh, hard to stay focused. Recently I made the decision for change and someone said to me I would be right back to my old ways right after the "honeymoon" period. Of course, this person was a man, and we all know the honeymoon is a lot more fun for them than the trembling virgin, so what does he know? Ha!

It's in the human nature to stay with what is comfortable. But change is uncomfortable. I want change. I've been in a rut for 12 years in one area of my life. So my question is, do I tell everyone and hold myself accountable or do I hug my secret close to my chest and cooperate with God while He does the work?

For now...I think I'll plead the 5th.

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